Benefits Of Best Indian Cooking Oils In

Indian cooking oil

Oil is inevitable in cooking or preparing most of the dishes. Cooking oil is either obtained from animals or vegetables. But vegetable oil is healthiest cooking options. There are several vegetable based cooking oils available in the Indian market.  Different types of oils are used for different recipes and cooking styles vary as per the choice of cooking oil.  

Healthiest Ways To Cooking

healthy cooking

Just buying healthy foods does not cut it, how you prepare them matters.

We are well aware about healthy eating. Maintain fat, cholesterol and many more. Sometimes we go for dieting. We do not eat some food just because of health concern. Nutrition experts unanimously arrive at one conclusion in this regard—eat maximum vegetables.

Top Healthy Indian Dishes

indian dishes

What surfaces in your mind no sooner we talk about Indian food? Well, hot, spicy, oily, fatty, creamy etc. This is right but partially. Indian food is highly misunderstood. In fact, Indian cuisines include an array of healthy spices. Due to this reason the dishes are cooked in different ways so that the cooked food may retain its nutritious value. Spices not only carry list of health benefits with them but also add flavor to the dish with less calories.

Chatni: A Flavouful Dish Making Indian Meal Complete


Chatni (also known as chutney) is quite popular in Indian subcontinent. It is sauce cuisine that varies from tomato relish to ground peanut garnish to yoghurt, cucumbers and mint dip. Chatnis are thick sauces which make Indian meal complete. Normally, they are prepared fresh for consumption but in some cases people also do not hesitate to preserve it by storing in refrigerator for couple of days.