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Indian cuisine is diverse in an amazing way, when it comes to Non-Vegetarian dishes. Every culture in India has its own take on meat; they all put something different to the table, and therefore, there is no end to the possibilities. Apart from the ethnic non-vegetarian dishes, many items are also influenced by the Mughals, who came to India from the far north and established their rule. They transformed Indian cuisine in the most amazing and unimaginable ways possible.

A couple of most popular and widely eaten non-vegetarian dishes are Haleem, Rogan Josh, Chicken Tikka, MurghMusallam, Bheja Fry, KeemaMatar and so on. Each dish represents a different part of the country, mainly Hyderabad, Kashmir, Punjab, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi respectively. India is also quite popular for non-vegetarian seafood items such as prawns, shrimps, crabs and fish, as a major part of the country is surrounded by sea.

Green Chili Indian Restaurant offers ethnic and the most delicious Indian Non-vegetarian items. If you’re a meat lover, you should definitely visit us. If these items are not mouth-watering for you then nothing is. If you have never tried Indian food, no worries! We would love to assist you through our menu and explain you every single detail, before you place an order.

We serve Goodlettsville, and as well as the individuals from towns and cities around Goodlettsville.

Visit Goodlettsville for a getaway and a nice meal at Green Chili Indian Restaurant, if you’re from surrounding cities like Madison, Anderson, Gallatin and Nashville. You’ll definitely want to visit us again and again, after dining here once, and that is something that we can guarantee.

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Taste the dishes brought to you all the way from the land of culinary wonders – India. You are bound to fall in love with one or the other item from the menu every time you visit us. Go ahead and try one of our mouth-watering masaledar (spicy) curries, the sweet irresistible mithai (desserts) or the evergreen snacks! You’re sure to come back for Round-Two.

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