Non-Greasy Indian Food

People across the globe regard Indian food as oily and spicy and due to this many foreigners are scared to taste it because they believe that the food is heavy to digest. This is partially true but the other side of the truth is that there are many Indian menus that unfold the taste of non greasy food.

To challenge your myth regarding Indian food ‘Green Chili Indian Restaurant’ is serving non-greasy food that is healthy and nutritious at the same time. Due to this reason many American natives from Nashville, Hendersonville, Madison, Millersville and Goodlettsville visit here to taste the other side (non-spicy, non-greasy) of Indian food.

Here below we have listed few names of such Indian foods that have low calorie:

Chicken Tikka:

It is one of the popular Indian dishes among Indians and Americans. It is less spicy and healthier than chicken tikka masala.

Calorie: 273 calorie/plate

Tandoori Chicken:

It is renowned food offered to the world by India. The dish has huge fan following across the globe.

Calorie: 273 calorie/piece

Dal Tarka:

It is one of the common foods that are consumed almost all over the world. It consists of lentil and rice.

Calorie: 118 calorie/medium sized bowl

Tandoori Roti:

It is whole wheat bread that is baked in a clay oven. It is taken with lentil or other curry.

Calorie: 102calorie/roti

Mixed Vegetable Curry:

Mixed vegetable curry cooked in a tablespoon of oil is healthy dietary menu.

Calorie: 95 calorie/100 grams

Palak Paneer:

Rich in iron, palak paneer is recommended source of protein. It is very popular among both— vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Calorie: 189 calorie/medium sized bowl

Ragi Dosa:

Ragi dosa is a famous South Indian dish and it is made from ragi.

Calorie: 87 calorie/dosa

Oats Idili:

Like Ragi dosa, idili is also a South Indian dish that is served with hot smabar. It is one of the nutritious and healthy foods that are consumed as breakfast.

Calorie: 26 calorie/idili


It is a famous South Indian dish that consists of many spices.

Calorie: 60 calorie/small sized bowl

Lemon Rice:

It is a simple and probably the simplest dish that requires least spice and oil.

Calorie: 185 calorie


It is a Gujarati dish that is made from fermented gram flour. The flour is steamed while making Dokhla.

Calorie: 22 calorie


There are different types of raita and among them cumber raita is quite popular. The curd is common base for any raita.

Calorie: 38 calorie/small sized bowl

We’re based in Goodlettsville, but that certainly doesn’t mean that we only serve Goodlettsville.

Take a trip to our town if you’re from cities nearby, like Nashville, Madison, Anderson and Gallatin, and try our awesome homely food. Your palette is sure to rejoice, while you plan your next visit.

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